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A Note From Early Education and Care

Tracking Candice


EEC is the agency that oversees the early education and care and after school services for families in Massachusetts. As the agency that licenses child care, EEC has quality standards for all licensed programs to ensure high educational value, as well as health and safety. Having a license means that we have demonstrated that we meet the standards outlined in the EEC regulations.
To obtain your own copy of EEC  Group Child Care Regulations, you may download them from the EEC web site or For information about regulatory compliance history, you may contact the EEC regional office:  95 Liberty Street, Springfield, MA 01103 (413)788-8401 .


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4 responses to “A Note From Early Education and Care

  1. brieelove says:

    I call Candice the baby whisperer. I’ve never met a baby, child, dog or animal who didn’t fall in love with her instantly. If you spend an hour watching her with children you see why: she gives them her full attention, she responds to all of their needs, she explains the world as she goes through it, she is a non-stop source of activity, she meets them on their level because she is on their level– and she challenges children– praising where they are and pushing them to reach new levels.

    This is one of her many gifts– and I would say her most valuable. She is simply the best.

  2. Yifat Amitai says:

    Candice has an amazing sensitivity and the ability to recognize a child’s need at a given moment. What is more beautiful is the unconditional love through which she acts on it– fulfilling its need for water, a change of diaper or simply a big kiss and hug.

    Candice’s high energy, her unique creativity combined with her endless patience- is what making her the kind of care taker I want for my child. Watching them together, seeing the amazing connection between them that is beyond any language barrier, is making it possible for me to be as calm as I can when I’m not around…

  3. Kelly Bottari says:

    It is always a creative and fun learning experience that Candice brings into the lives of all three of my children, currently and for the past nine years.

  4. Einat Mesterman says:

    I must admit that as a mother you are always sure that you can calm your baby the best way, but seeing Candice with my baby made me think again. Her calm actions, not getting hysteric, with tons of positive energies and always with a smile is something unique and special! Einat Mesterman

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