Little Schoolhouse Family Daycare, LLC

Having fun. Learning a lot.

Little Schoolhouse: About Us


Having fun. Learning a lot.

The Little Schoolhouse Family Daycare, LLC. is an arts and play based  day care in Northampton, Massachusetts, licensed by the State of Massachusetts. We try to create a home-like atmosphere with quality of education. We believe children learn best through play, therefor outdoor explorations, arts and dramatic play are incorporated into each day. We strive to introduce an early love of arts, language, music and science. We focus on culture and environment awareness and aim to help children learn to become productive members of their community. We garden and compost. We grow our own fruit. We try to make the best choices for the community and your children. That is why we are chemical free and use only natural based cleaning products and provide eco-friendly diaper and wipes for all children. We are outside the majority of the day. 


Our Curriculum:

We want your children to grow cognitively and emotionally into healthy, happy and independent people. Little Schoolhouse Family Daycare, LLC. utilizes a personalized arts based curriculum. Daily, we offer the children both teacher-directed and child initiated (Emergent) learning activities. During these activities we encouraged the children to learn by doing, by touching and by exploring. We believe in multi-aged grouping and continuity of care. 


“I love arting”- A two year old

Our Program:

At Little Schoolhouse Family Daycare, LLC. we provide a quality program which incorporates:

  • A safe, nurturing and comfortable environment to learn and play

  • A fun, stimulating and creative space where children can explore, learn and grow

  • True and meaningful relationships between the families and child care providers

At the Little Schoolhouse Family Daycare, LLC. we strive to create a positive learning environment through:

  • snow2The Arts

  • Outdoor play

  • Dramatic play

  • Literacy

  • Science

  • Music and Movement

  • Cooking

  • Computers

  • Blocks, Sand and Water


We bake. We art. We go on the bus. We go to the

river. We sing. We go to the park. We swing.



We pride ourselves in:

  • Providing time for arts and creative expression
  • Offering choices
  • Respecting each others ideas
  • Promoting problem solving
  • Allowing children to explore the environment
  • Assigning responsibilities and jobs to the children

Kindness is key:

We are patient, consistent and we have a lot of fun – that’s why we are good. Consistency, positive reinforcement and accountability are very important factors we consider as children develop. We promote respect, kindness and manners. We aim to provide an environment where children have a sense of control, a say in the activities and an overall ownership of the space. We create a space where children are busy, allowing limited time for conflict.

Communication is essential between child and teacher and parent and teacher. We will work with you and your children and together make a plan on how to address any issues if need be.


Hours of operation and closings

We are open Monday through Friday 8:15am – 3:45pm. Please respect our teachers time. We can accommodate emergencies, but any child left at the Little Schoolhouse Family Day Care after 3:45 pm without prior discussion will be subject to a late fee. 

Holiday and Closing

Please see handbook for list of closings and half Days for Staff Meetings

In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, we follow Northampton public school closures. If there is a delay, we are closed. We do not follow delays. If school is not operating LSH Director has the ultimate decision whether to remain open or close for the day. 

Drop Off

We prefer to have drop offs or pick ups during the designated time 8:15-9am. We want there to be an easy transition at drop off or pick up so and say “hi”. Feel free to stay as long as you would like. We will take your child’s lunch and bag and help your child wash their hands immediately upon arrival.  Be sure your child is dressed for a day of play. 

For safety please:

  • Do not leave your car running

  • Do not leave children unattended in the car

  • Supervise your children during drop offs and pick up

We want your child to want to come and play! 

  • bubbles What you provide:

  • Parents of Infants:  A sleep sack, two bottles with nipples, formula or breast milk, baby food, diaper ointment, tooth paste and extra clothing.
  • Parents of Toddlers: A blanket (nap mat cover see preferred), a water bottle, diaper cream, two sets of extra clothing. Lunch and Breakfast 
  • Parents of Preschool Children: blanket, a toothpaste, a set of extra clothes. Lunch and Breakfast and a water bottle. 
  • Summer Extras:  Swimmers preferably fabric. A sun hat, sunblock, bathing suit and water shoes that won’t fall off. 
  • Winter Extras:  Snow pants, mittens, boots and a winter hat. 
  • Tuffos or rain suit is a must! 

Please dress your children appropriately according to the weather. We want to take the children outside daily please make sure that is possible. We encourage parents to buy a TUFFO SUIT.   Also don’t send your favorite clothes,  we will ruin clothes! 

See our recommended list  on Amazon 


we provide:

  • A fun, loving & stimulating program
  • Healthy  snacks, fresh fruit, milk or substitute & fresh filtered H2O
  • Hypoallergenic, compostable, dye and fragrance free diapers and wipes for every child.
  •  Sheets, mats, bibs, bowls plates & utensils.
  • Wooden toothbrushes

Food policy: 

Little Schoolhouse prides itself in introducing healthy early eating habits. We use meal as a time to gather, check in, talk and socialize. For lunch, parents send a protein and a vegetable and fruit in the provided container. Children are asked to serve themselves throughout the meals, including pouring water and feeding themselves. We try to avoid exposure to main stream t.v characters, movies personalities etc. so we ask that no snacks or lunch boxes are sent. We provide fruit and all snacks. Parents provide a healthy Breakfast and Lunch in the provide container.  Please have the meals ready to eat for your child ( no opening packages, no pouches) to make breakfast ad lunch easy and a fun learning experience for your child.



Outings are a fun and important part of our day. We do not drive with the children, outings are taken by foot, carriage, bike, bus or wagon. We incorporate the community into our curriculum and explore the community often.  

Parent Involvement 

There are many ways that you can get involved in your child’s early education. You are welcomed to participate in any or all of these:

  • Visiting or eating lunch with us

  • Lending objects for us to explore

  • Come in and read to the class during reading time

  • Join us on a field trip, party or special event

Naturally, you are welcome to drop in and visit or observe anytime open and your child is in attendance. 

 What else you should know:

  • The indoor areas are shoeless. Please remove your shoes as well as your child’s at the entrance.

  • We love to Garden
  • We use very few toxins to clean and do not use any toxic chemicals around the children. We are hygienic and clean and sanitize regularly as required by the State of Massachusetts and the EPA.

  • We grow fruit on the property
  • We make a mess. We will do our best to protect your child’s clothes, but please don’t send them in clothes you really don’t want ruined.  

  • We are Certified Lead Free

    Enrollment:  IMG_2905

    Currently accepting wa

    • Full time  slots only. 
    • $450 / per week Infant rate.

Our Amazing Teachers

Candice Chouinard

charlieOwner and Director
Bachelors of Arts
SouthernVermont College

Lead Teacher Preschool Lead Teacher Infant Toddler Director

Candice has worked with children of ages and all backgrounds. She has created and implemented some very exceptional programs with some very exceptional children. Candice finds potential in absolutely everyone. She revels in hand-on, long term, messy projects that kids think are just for fun but, are more educational than anything. She professionally manages and supervises with a fair and team oriented fashion- though she’s tough at times, she’s a softy.

Candice is highly qualified in visual and performing arts, outdoor recreation, health and fitness, and environmental awareness and program development and implementation. She quickly forges meaningful relationships with children and has a strong tendency towards yielding exceptionally heightened breakthroughs and goal orientated impacts. She is full of life and energy and will tire your child out every day.

Rebecca Hawkins: 

Bachelors of Arts:  Literature, Bennington College

Teacher Preschool

Lead Teacher Infant Toddler

CPR/First Aid

Rebecca is a young and brilliant woman who has filled a niche at the Little School house with vitality and dynamic vigor. Rebecca is a charismatic and kind caregiver. Her love of literature grows in the hearts of the children more and more each story time. Rebecca also brings a lust for cooking into the daycare by creating lovely bake goods regularly with the children. The children follow Rebecca’s lead with a morally just compass, it is so nice to watch their relationship encourage such engaged and empowered growth.

Jace Rascal Smith : Arts Curriculum

 Bachelors of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, NYC

Masters of Art Education, Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, Boston Massachusetts

Jace ‘Rascal’  Smith is a visiting certified art educator who brings a vast array of visual art curriculum  to the children  the Little Schoolhouse. Rascal has won over every child whom has ever dared set hands on a brush during a class. Rascal continues to build the arts curriculum at the LSH with brilliant and bold projects engaging the children in the arts like they have never done before. Check out to learn more about Rascal.

 The Little Roots 

Once a Month we welcome the amazing Maggie Share to play for us at Little Schoolhouse. She brings her love of music, laughter and movement to the children. Parents are welcome to join us the on the first Friday of each month. Check Little Roots out!