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Who we are. What we do.

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Who we are:

Little Schoolhouse Family Daycare is a fully licensed arts and play- based daycare center in Northampton,  Massachusetts. We focus on children birth to three and a half years old. We believe in continuity of care and ask parents make a commitment to care from the time they start until age 3.5. Our goal is to create a homelike setting with a high quality of education.  At The Little Schoolhouse, we focus on culture and environment awareness, arts and play. Here, outdoor play is a part of every possible day. We strive to introduce early love of arts, language, music and science.

What we do:

The mission of the Little Schoolhouse is to create and educating, engaging and safe environment where children can foster and develop into creative, caring, independent and empathetic people.

A Typical Day:

As we know nothing is typical when it comes to young children, so no days are the same here.  At the Little Schoolhouse we try to provide an abundance of unstructured play with a balance of outings and organized educational activities.

Here, is what you and your child can expect at an average day at the Little Schoolhouse:

Individual Learning Activities:

Individual play is most comfortable for this age group. We aim to provide highly engaging and fun individual play curriculum. Individual play time usually involves an arts based activity where children create without the help of others.


Group Learning Activities:

Group dynamics at this age are interesting. We strive to create a cohesive community where sharing and empathic behavior is accepted. A group activity is usually an outing to the library, a hike, or a playground trip.  In bad weather conditions or when we are unable to go outside for a long period of time, we will do a group activity. A group activity involves team collaboration and can be cooking, a science based or collaborative art project.

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Free Play:

Free play is the most important part of the curriculum at the Little Schoolhouse. Free play mainly consists of outings or outside play. Children are also given the choice to use:  musical instruments, blocks, puzzles, dolls, water and sand, or take part in an art activity, dancing or dramatic play.


Daily chores include; laundry, cleaning, cooking , watering the plants, taking our trash, recycling and compost or working in the garden.

Outdoor Play:

We have a great yard to play in. We have an age appropriate climbing equipment, a big sand box, swings, sensory tables, and a great tree for shade. We have direct access to the garden and often play there. We often ventured to the river, library, field or local park during our outside time.

Table Games Pre-School Time:

This is a quiet time older children can focus on letter, phonics, numbers and counting  using dry erase, games and busy bins created for learning .  It is also a time for the younger children that are  awake to play a fine motor activity, blocks, puzzles, coloring and other busy bins created for the younger children

Meals and Snacks:

We pride ourselves in healthy eating and offer only the healthiest foods for breakfast and snacks. Parents provide a protein and a vegetable in the provided lunch container. We serve organic foods whenever possible and offer vegetarian, dairy free, vegan options for snack and breakfast. We have a garden and multiple fruit trees for the children to help grown and harvest. We take into consideration all diets and respect them thoroughly.

Registration Information:

We are looking for parents who wish to make a commitment to their child’s early education (birth-3.5). Pricing in handbook includes all snacks, drinks, breakfast and all diapers and wipes.

Check out our Parent Handbook here

LSH Parent Handbook 2019

Important note: please be advised that no party is guaranteed care until all paperwork has been completed and submitted, and the non-refundable deposit payment has been made. Deposit goes toward first month of care. We do not have a fee to enroll. 

Please email or call for an interview.   (413)231-4454 Candice or find us on Facebook.

The Little Schoolhouse Family Day Care is fully licensed with Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care #9011230

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